Raw Food Diet for Dogs: Myths of Raw Dog Food

The Raw Dog Food Diet is becoming really popular and for extremely good reasons. Raw food diets are natural and provide dogs with good nutrition, therefore dogs on a raw diet are healthier. Raw dog food doesn’t need lots of rubbish in it to preserve them because it only contains totally natural ingredients.

This article will cover some basics of the Raw Food Diet For Dogs but you can learn tons more about how to change your dogs diet, why and the steps you need to take in the books in our recommended page.

Some dog owners think one or two things when debating raw dog food:

Their dogs will catch salmonella

Their dogs will turn into blood craving crazies

I can assure you that your dog wont suddenly (or slowly!) turn into a vampire from eating raw meat and bones. Take wolves living in harmony as an example, they eat raw meat and bones but they don’t attack each other, so your dog wont attack you, your other pets or anyone elses!

A dogs’ digestive system works in different way than a humans does. A dogs system works a lot faster, is a lot smaller and is far more acidic, making it pretty much impossible for dogs to get ill from food-bourne bacteria in the way that humans do.

Raw Food Diet For Dogs Hound Style!

Many people ask will my dog enjoy eating raw food? So I just had to add these images my friend kindly sent me of her hounds when the raw meat delivery arrived!! They love their raw food diet and as you can see from the pictures they couldn’t wait to get stuck in! Raw Food Diet For Dogs Hound Style!

Raw Food Diet For Dogs

Houndies Checking Out The Raw Meat and Bones!

Raw Dog Food

Must Dig In Now!

Natural Dog Treats?

Natural dog treats, chewy dog treats, crunchy dog treats, commerical dog treats.. there’s so many different choices! A lot of owners like to feed their dogs some treats every now and then. Dog treats are everywhere, in pet shops, supermarkets, market stalls and online! But are we feeding our dogs the best treats that are available?

What makes a good dog treat?
A good dog treat contains only natural ingredients, natural dog treats are far better than ones with colourings, sugars and preservatives in them. Treats should be ones that your dog can digest easily and that wont harm them in anyway. A good dog treat is a treat your dog will enjoy and look forward to getting. Whether it’s for a reward for good behaviour or just a regular few times a week thing that you do it needs to be a healthy one.

Can I make my own dog treats?
Yes! Not only will you know what’s going in your mixing bowl, therefore knowing there’s no preservatives and additives, it can be more cost effective too. You can make the treats in bulk and freeze enough to keep your dog happy in treats for the next month or more!

Are there any dog treats I can buy that are natural and healthy?

Yes they are few and far between but it is possible to find some. I recommend fish4 dogs treats dogs love them and they’re 100% healthy and natural.